Talkback 16: Tornado Warnings

This edition of Talkback 16 focuses on Tuesday's tornado warnings. We were pleasantly surprised to hear from several viewers thanking our meteorologists for keeping them informed. Then, there were the people who thought our coverage was blown out of proportion.

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  • Ken Myers

    I did not mind the tornado warnings. Apparently some of you viewers failed to hear what John Hickey and Kurt Aaron said about being on with wall to wall tornado warnings. They have to as part of their FCC license. If you people don’t like the warnings, there’s a simple solution-change the channel. Your TV is NOT stuck on WNEP and with cable, DirecTV, and Dish, there are many selections available. I guess most people would rather watch their “programs” and not give a damn about possible stuff that would affect them than to take precautions to save their lives.

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