Somber Reminder of the Sacrifices on Memorial Day

HONESDALE, Pa. --  At the start of the Memorial Day parade in Honesdale, there was a somber reminder of the costs of war.

Veterans sent a wreath downriver to remember those sailors who never came home.

A U.S. Coast Guard chopper flew over parade goers, all to pay tribute to the sacrifices made by so many.

"We have to remember. Who else will remember if we don't do things like this? They're going to be forgotten and that will be a big shame," Pat Rosler.

Marching bands played patriotic tunes for the hundreds who came out to share in this solemn day set aside to honor those who died fighting for our freedoms.

Chase Williams and family came out to help foster a love of country in future generations.

"We want them to grow up and respecting their country and all the people that sacrifice time and efforts for the community," said Williams.

Following the parade, there was a ceremony in Central Park to carry on a tradition that means so much to those who hope that Memorial Day and it's meaning continues on for lifetimes to come.

"It's a small town, but everybody comes out on different occasions, heartwarming to see," said Beverly Zeman.

Not just for the living but for those whose selfless sacrifice lives on.

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