PennDOT Unveils New Tool to Help Holiday Travel Planning

Millions are hitting the highways Monday traveling home on the holiday, and PennDOT says it has a new tool to help them.

According to AAA, nearly 43 million Americans are traveling the Memorial Day holiday.

Most of them are traveling by car and most returning home Monday, May 27, from their camping trips, picnics, and parades.

That's despite gas prices rising nationwide to an average of nearly $3 a gallon.

PennDOT has unveiled its Historic Holiday Traffic page.

People can use it to check traffic conditions, speeds, and best times to travel on Monday

PennDOT says most lane restrictions and construction projects are suspended for Memorial Day.

For the link to that PennDOT page, click here.


  • Rusty Knyffe

    Ah……so, THIS is how that 4.2 BILLION dollars was spent, eh? Yes, boys and girls, that’s BILLION with a capital, “B!”

    I watched, in horror, as the pre-seasonal preparations for “road upgrades” on rural byways were made by “widening” roads using compacted dirt and gravel. In the meantime, PA roads, statewide, have ever-growing potholes that can swallow a Mini Cooper. Who the bloody heck is in charge of PennDot, anyway? Bernie Sanders??????

    • Rusty Knyffe

      oh….to add fuel to this fire, those tons and tons of compressed dirt/gravel were promptly washed away by heavy rains, thus, creating even greater washouts. Meanwhile, PennDot sends out a tanker truck with some moron to power-wash the bridges of dirt and grime – INTO waterways that would have them all fined up the gazoo – and it took 7 other guys to stand around and monitor the moron’s progress. Yep. Tax dollars at work. :-[


    a web page to state the obvious, wow, great waste of time and gas tax money that the state police didnt steal. FIX THE GOD DAMN ROADS, FILL THE POTHOLES INSTEAD

  • albertcohol

    PennDOT says most lane restrictions and construction projects are suspended for Memorial Day.

    Maybe it’s because Penn Dot is short $4.25 Billion for road maintenance.

    What’s next Another gas tax increase to compensate what was given to PSP.

  • lickerblisters

    Another good new tool we could have used for holiday travel would have been that $4.25 billion highway repair fund that was diverted to the PSP. Will they be returning that money to us or are they keeping it?

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