Fitting Tribute in Carbon County to Those Who Lost Their Lives

SUMMIT HILL, Pa. -- Thousands gathered for a ceremony in Summit Hill, not to celebrate, but to commemorate.

"The land of the free is because of the brave, and to give the ultimate sacrifice is overwhelming to me. It's so inspiring," said Kevin McCullian.

Kevin McCullian's father, Tom, fought in World War II. They come from outside Philadelphia to attend the Summit Hill Memorial Day service every year.

"There's no place in the world I'd rather be than here," said Tom McCullian.

Thirty-eight people from Summit Hill died in World War II. Every year, the American Legion organizes this event to honor them and other local people who died serving this country.

"It memorialized the individuals that gave their lives for us," said organizer Kevin O'Donnell.

"I'm so proud to be an American because of the country they allowed us to have," said Kevin McCullian.

After the ceremony, the crowd stuck around for one of the biggest events of the year, the Summit Hill Memorial Day parade.

Aaron Gryzik of Barnesville was excited about the free candy and music, but he knows Memorial Day is about so much more than that.

"I am happy because of my freedom," said Gryzik.

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