Clock Tower Chiming Away Again in Weatherly

WEATHERLY, Pa. --  It was more than 25 years since the bell inside Weatherly's Charles Schwab School clock tower rang.

With just 25 minutes to go until it rang again, you could feel the anticipation among this crowd.

"I am so excited. I just want to hear it again. It's gonna bring back a lot of memories," said Paula Thomas, restoration board member.

Skycam 16 gives us a bird's eye view of the building that has meant so much to this community since 1901.

The school has been empty for decades. A few years ago, a committee formed a nonprofit to buy and restore the building.

Dan Humenick and his team from Bradford Clocks Limited spent more than 200 hours repairing the antique clock. He donated more than $15,000 worth of work.

"We wanted to leave something back to the community," said Humenick.

With just 15 minutes to go some board members got emotional.

It was especially touching for John Koehler whose father maintained the clock for decades.

"He's here with us and I know he'd be proud of the mayor and Charlie for what they've done here," said Koehler.

The clock repair is just the beginning of a long list of repairs the school needs. The paint is peeling, wood is rotting and there are even some missing fixtures."

"There's a long road ahead but this is just a baby step and I'm hoping that it sparks an interest in the community to get it back up and going again," said Alyssa Hinkle.

A historic clock winding back time with hands pointed towards the future.

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