Annual Running of the Saints Held in Jessup

JESSUP, Pa. --  St. Ubaldo Day in Jessup is a time-honored tradition with the Saints running through the streets of the borough.

"We get together, we honor the patron saint of Gubbio, Italy, St. Ubaldo," said Nick Rodio.

But for one family this day will be an important, yet difficult one.

"This was his day, he looked forward to it, it was just all in his heart," said Stacy Marino.

Anthony Marino, who served as Jessup's fire captain, passed away unexpectedly earlier this year at the age of 36. His wife Stacy said St. Ubaldo Day was his favorite.

"We were together for 16 years and he had written a note and it says 'Tony can do stupid things on Baldo week.' And I always said maybe just the day, not the whole week. But it was that important to him even on our wedding day, just to let me know what it meant to him," said Stacy.

But watching the Running of the Saints is not for the faint of heart even for a seasoned veteran to the event like Allison Marino.

"Yeah, I always get nervous that like going down this big hill, one of them is going to tumble down," said Allison.

Marino's three children are all honoring their father this weekend. Nicholas, 12, participated in his first Running of the Saints this year. Abigail, 11, is the chapo for the children's run on Sunday, and Allison, 8, will be the capachetta.

"I'm so proud, my kids, they want to do this for their dad," said Stacy.

The Marino's aren't the only ones keeping Captain Marino close to their hearts this St. Ubaldo Day. Others are wearing wristbands in his honor.

"The day itself is about running for those who can't be here, so it just goes right in line with what the day is all about. Honoring those people who come before us, and the sacrifices they made," said Rodio.

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