Stevens Says: Walk Right This Way

So, just the other day it stopped raining. It came as quite a shock to me as I’m sure it did you. It took awhile for the sudden absence of a pitter-patter noise on the roof to sink in. What made that happen was the bright, intense, yellow light streaming through the back window. Sunlight! Imagine that. I hadn’t seen sunlight for days, since BTR (Before The Rains).

The opportunity was not to be missed and I went out into the unfamiliar sunlight to a place familiar to me. It’s called Meadowsweet Preserve bordering Lackawanna State Park.

That day it was just me on the trail that wound its way up and down a small hill, through a happy little stream and paralleled an old stone fence. I sat on that fence and looked around, and listened.

The wind had picked up a bit making the trees with their new spring leaves wave and gently slap together. Here and there a limb scraped another or groaned from the new weight added to it. The shadows from the leaves danced across the forest floor touching wherever they wanted including the small stream.

I sat for a long while on the old stone wall built who knows how long ago. The sun was good, the breeze fresh and crisp, the sound of nature a virtual symphony to ears hardened by the seemingly endless sound of rain and the winter wind before that. It was a day that had the title of Spring plastered all over it and I thought how lucky I was to be part of it. Days like that don’t happen often enough and when they do we get to live them so infrequently. Walk to the next one, if you can. Have a good day Dear Viewer.


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