Salon to Offer Services to Women in Shelter

KINGSTON, Pa. -- A hair salon in Luzerne County will be providing free services to a women's shelter in the county, part of an effort to make them feel better about themselves.

At Shakti Salon Spa in Kingston, looking and feeling good is key. The workers there want to lend their talents to a good cause.

The salon will start giving free services including haircuts to the women who live at Ruth's Place, Luzerne County's only emergency homeless shelter for women.

"I can't wait. I'm very excited about it," said lead hair colorist Margie Defranco. "We wanted to collaborate with someone else that we could do something good with our craft and not just everyday color hair, cut hair. We wanted to make a difference with it -- empower people and make them feel better about themselves."

The women who live at Ruth's Place do not know about the salon surprise, so we spoke to Crystal Kotlowski, the shelter's program coordinator, who can't wait to tell them.

"I think they're going to be excited. Everyone likes to take a day to pamper themselves and especially when you're in a really tough situation, it's important to carve the time out to do something nice for yourself," said Kotlowski.

The salon wants to bring the women in during their regular hours, so they get the full experience.

Kotlowski says this will give the women a boost.

"Our residents have to go out there and basically advocate for themselves to try to get a job and try to get an apartment, so if they can appearance-wise put their best foot forward, that takes some of that nervousness off of them."

Shakti Salon and Ruth's Place are still working out the details of when the women will come in. Salon workers say it should be soon.

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