‘I am only 97, so I figured I could do it,’ – Seniors Try Zip Line at Camelback Mountain

POCONO TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A group of daring senior citizens took flight in the Poconos, gliding down a zip line, they faced fears on this high-flying experience.

The senior citizens held on as they zip lined across Camelback Mountain Resort near Tannersville.

One of those brave souls was first-timer Ruth Marshall from Doylestown.

"Someone told me I could do it. I am only 97, so I figured I could do it."

The seniors came all the way from a retirement community in Bucks County.

For the past three years, senior citizens from the place in Doylestown have come to Camelback Mountain Adventures with one goal in mind: zip lining.

"One resident said out of the blue, 'I always wanted to zip line.' and we were all like, 'what?' So we had to make it happen," said Karen Dolar from Wesley Enhanced Living.

This was Claire Bamford's first time zip lining and she's looking forward to the next time.

"I let out a little yell when it started but then I enjoyed the view."

It takes 70 seconds for zip liners to make it down the mountain and that's about a 900-foot drop.

Richard Miller says this experience was similar to his days as a paratrooper but a lot calmer.

"The view is unbelievable at the top and coming down it was really fun," said Miller.

"I was afraid of heights and I thought I would be frightened but I felt perfectly safe. I did not feel a flutter of fear," said Marshall.

For Ruth Marshall and the other seniors, facing their fear led to an experience they won't soon forget.

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