Keystone College to Eliminate Two Majors, Layoff Employees

LA PLUME, Pa. -- Keystone College has announced plans to layoff professors and eliminate programs as part of a campus-wide realignment.

The college near Factoryville is done for the semester but administrators rolled out plans that will affect students for the next few years.

Keystone will layoff a total of 16 employees and eliminate the visual arts and geology majors.

The school will still offer those classes but plan to rework the programs to make them more career-friendly.

"It was certainly not a snap decision nor was it an easy decision. It was really part of a comprehensive approach that we've been looking at for many, many months. Looking at, planning at, where we are now and where we can go from here to best serve our students," said Fran Caplin.

Keystone officials say they'll be eliminating the golf and tennis teams due to low enrollment.

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