Young Red Sox Fan from Milton and a Home Run to Remember

MILTON, Pa. -- A young child from our area got the attention of the Boston Red Sox. A Fenway Park tradition gave a family from Milton a lifetime memory over the weekend.

On Sunday home games, the Boston Red Sox select a few kids to introduce the batting lineup. Last Sunday, 5-year-old Jaxon Younger from Milton and his siblings did just that.

Jaxon introduced second baseman Michael Chavis, and what happened next, the family will remember for a long time.

Talking to Travis Younger and his 5-year-old son Jaxon, it's easy to see which baseball team is their favorite. The Younger family is from Milton in Northumberland County, but they all root for the Red Sox. After watching Boston in the World Series last year, Jaxon and his two siblings asked to go to a game this season.

"After it was all said and done, we told them we'd take them to a game. We went up to Boston and they asked us walking through the gate if they would be willing to announce the fifth inning lineup," Travis Younger said.

A Sunday home game tradition at Fenway Park is having kids announce the fifth inning Red Sox lineup. Jaxon's siblings went first and then it was his turn.

"Now batting, second baseman, number 23, Michael Chavis."

Rookie second baseman Michael Chavis appeared surprised to hear little Jaxon's voice.

Chavis then hit a home run on the first pitch.

"It was crazy. The amount of instant feedback we got, it was exciting. It was very exciting," Travis recalled.

The Red Sox tweeted a video of Jaxon announcing Chavis followed by his home run.

That video has been viewed nearly 800,000 times on Twitter.

Chavis gave all the credit to his new little buddy tweeting to Jaxon's family, "Please give him a high five for me, and tell him thanks for getting me ready to hit that home run."

It's pretty obvious who Jaxon's favorite baseball player is. Now Jaxon is practicing in case Michael Chavis invites him back as his lucky charm.

Jaxon's family says that experience has made him a Red Sox fan for life and he wants to go to a lot more games.

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