Two Arrested in Hazleton for Bank Robbery in Hanover Township

HANOVER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Two men are under arrest after a bank robbery in Luzerne County.

The two suspects were brought back to the Hanover Township Police Department to be charged in connection with that bank robbery, but it was their arrest in Hazleton that caused quite a commotion.

Video from a neighbor shows officers were heavily armed coming out of a home on Peace Street in Hazleton Wednesday afternoon and one man was taken away in handcuffs.

Officers arrested two men in connection with a bank robbery in Hanover Township.

Police say Wayne Castetter, 45, and Aaron Fernandez, 29, stole money from the M&T Bank on the San Souci Parkway around 1 p.m. Wednesday.

Investigators say a white Mustang was seen leaving the bank after the robbery. Officers sent a picture of that car to police departments all over Luzerne County, and police in Hazleton spotted it outside a home on Peace Street.

“This is a remarkable case where one of our detectives taking a photograph and being able with his memory to remember where that vehicle was seen in our city,” said Hazleton Police Chief Jerry Speziale.

Police in Hazleton and Hanover Township worked with FBI agents out of Scranton to lead to this arrest.


  • fortisveritas

    “This is a remarkable case where one of our detectives taking a photograph and being able with his memory to remember where that vehicle was seen in our city”

    That – and the fact that two Caucasian males actually lived in Hazleton gave the indication of foul play.

      • fortisveritas

        One step at a time, J. First, keep the invaders out. Second, round up the ones here illegally and send them home. Third, start cleaning house with the citizens that think laws don’t apply to them. Hey, maybe you could ask Paige Gomer – a 28 year old mother from OK – what she thinks about a wall. Wait – you can’t. She was kil.led by an illegal.

      • J (@ds18301)

        Fortis: It is a fact (verified by Trump’s own Administration but later revoked from view as it was “inconvenient”) that all immigrants and especially undocumented aliens are law-abiding — on the whole. It only makes sense given their tenuous status and their motive for being here — to quietly survive. They want and need to fly “under the radar”. You might want want to read the Cato Institute’s (a very right-wing/libertarian think tank) confirmation of this. Sure you can cherry-pick incidents like the one you cite and use it in the same way that when there is a snowy day, and Trump will tell you there is no global warming. (By the way, a quick search shows that Ms. Gomer had an extensive criminal record and it is possible or likely that this was not some random event)….Look: The day Trump proposes jail time for those who *hire* undocumented workers (if it really is such an existential crisis this is, of course, the most important first step), I’ll start to listen. But oh wait *he* hires them by the thousands! (and then stiffs them on payday). This is a non-issue designed by Trump/Fox to stir up emotions and division.

      • fortisveritas

        I guess the mur.der of an alleged law breaker (couldn’t find anything on her, by the way) by an illegal is acceptable collateral damage to allow fine people like her kil.ler into our country. Your belief of the folly of climate change shows where your head is, and it ends in ss.

      • fortisveritas

        There’s another group of people that like to fly under the radar. Right up to when they flew our airliners into the WTC’s, Pentagon, and Shanksville.

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