Drivers Complain About Bad Stretch of Route 6 in Wayne County

PALMYRA TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- There are growing calls for PennDOT to repair a section of road in Wayne County that many drivers consider to be getting more dangerous by the day.

There are flashing yellow lights at the main intersection in White Mills, but a few hundred yards down Route 6 toward Hawley, the shoulder is gone.

"I think it's dangerous and they better address it quickly because it's only going to get worse," Bob Putney said.

Traffic goes by with only a caution sign to warn drivers and that sign is falling into what's washed away, with the white line all that's separating tires from trouble.

"I'm waiting for them to fix that. How long is that going to take? I don't know who's in charge of checking this road, but they have to step up," Philip McKenna said.

According to PennDOT, the excavator that's used in Wayne County for repairs is being used at a flood-damaged spot and may not be available until next month to address that safety issue on Route 6. That means there's a Memorial Day weekend coming up in between a heavily traveled time along that corridor.

"No, you're going to tip your vehicle over," said John Torrick. "Can't stand it, pay all the gas taxes and they're not doing nothing."

"I tend to drive a lot slower and be aware. These potholes come out of nowhere," Putney said.

Folks in the White Mills area say this section of road has only gotten worse over the past several months but has been a problem for more than a year here in Wayne County.


  • Mary Gendek Jones

    In reference to Wayne County Roads…
    Mary Gendek Jones
    Just now ยท
    I say try to travel northern Wayne County and you risk your life. There are many sections along 191 just like this. Take a ride on Pine Mill Road from 371 into Equinunk. You will be screaming mad by the time you eventually make your way there. The roads are disgusting. They just cost me $1500 to repair my car. Somebody has to do something to make PENNDOT address this situation!!

  • normal420

    Ummm… Perhaps Penndot could bring in another excavator , the one that is being repaired blew a hydraulic line lifting mountains of cash for the PSP…


    gas tax is where??? penndot officials need to be jailed immediately! tax and waste. typical of a state run by a DEMOCRAT! Wolfe needs to be jailed for theft of our tax money!!

  • Carol Ann Stephens

    how can we go about getting our money back from the PSP?? Can we get a lawyer to do it pro bono so we can have the roads fixed?

    • Joe Justjoe (@ForjoeJustjoe)

      I can’t believe the sheeple of Pa don’t even care that their tax money that was specifically earmarked for road repair was absconded and used in other areas. Why is not the head of penndot in jail yet? Why isn’t this all over the news in Pa? I guess you folks just don’t care? I bet you all elect the exact same politicians all over again too. Amaaaaazing. :-)

      • savescrantonhistory

        Because this is PA, where nepotism and mismanagement is a way of life. That money is likely already gone to some pet project that doesn’t need to be done. If only all Pennsylvanians could go without filling their tanks for a month to keep those tax dollars from hitting the state coffers. Then you might see some progress. Although then they’d probably borrow from Peter to pay Paul (or whatever the cousin/brother/uncle/etc’s name is whose benefiting at our expense).

      • whippleri

        That’s what we get having thieves in Harrisburg. Gov. Wolf and the heads of penndot should be in prison. Put some more round a bouts in instead of fixing the roads and making them safer. WHERES THE GAS TAX GOING?

      • lickerblisters

        The PSP took our highway fund from the gas tax. $4.25 billion. New vehicles, new barracks and pensions. It’s all gone. A.G. Depasquale declared all that info 3 weeks ago. Criminal! Criminal I say!

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