Trump Visit Brings Large Crowds to Montoursville

MONTOURSVILLE, Pa. -- The population of Montoursville grew significantly on Monday as thousands of people came to see President Donald Trump's rally.

"The town is pretty much a whirlwind,” Michael Miele said.

Vendors set up shop every few feet on Broad Street. Some business owners say they've never seen Montoursville this busy.

"I can’t believe how this is turning out," Alexia Locricchio said.

Some restaurants like Original Italian Pizza took business outside.

"People are going to be outside. Not many people are going to want to be inside. It almost seems like a festival," Sal Locricchio said.

Employees sold food outside at a tent.

"Get people to come by and enjoy some pizza, drinks, hot dogs, hamburgers, all kinds of stuff," Sal said.

Employees at Trifecta Bar and Grill are ready for the crowds.

"We stocked up on beer and some food. We opened the rooftop up here so we’re hoping to fill this up," William Blair said.

To make a few extra bucks, some businesses and residents are using their properties as parking lots.

Michael Miele owns The Hillside Catering and charged vehicles $40 to park in his lot. He was one of many.

"Because there was a need. The mayor suggested we sell parking. People didn’t have many places to park, so we figured we would open up our lot for that," Miele said.

The rally kicks off at the Williamsport Regional Airport at 7 p.m.


  • Jim Burnetti

    Ask #Brokeahontas how big the Trump family tax cut was. Compare that to the total for the whole crowd. You’ve been had. And your kids and grandkids are getting the bill.

    • Linda Kenney

      I received $1/hr increase in my paycheck and a bonus to boot. I received $150 less in my refund because it reflected in my paycheck every two weeks. I’m able to go out to dinner and do things I previously wasn’t able to do. You’re full of it if you don’t think working Americans are better off. Do you even work?

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