Expensive, Testy GOP Race for D.A. in Wayne County

HONESDALE, Pa. -- Republicans in Wayne County will decide on Tuesday who will face off against the current district attorney this fall.

The race has been expensive and, at times, negative.

When the previous D.A. won the race for judge a couple years ago, it left the race open this year in a heavily Republican county.

The signs have been out for some time now across Wayne County on the Republican side A.G. Howell and Kathy Martin for district attorney, and unopposed in this primary is current D.A. Democrat Pat Robinson.

The race, especially on the Republican ticket, has taken up a lot of people's attention for months from the billboards along Route 6 to TV and social media ads.

According to campaign finance papers, nearly $150,000 and counting for Martin -- more than four times the amount Howell spent, not including the past couple weeks and the bills yet to come in.

Republican voters have been under a barrage of advertisements from both GOP candidates for D.A. this election season, something the county has never seen before, a long drawn out critical campaign between two candidates and the winner still has to run for office come fall.

The day before the primary, Martin was at her headquarters in Hawley getting ready for the polls.

Howell was going door to door near Lake Wallenpaupack to meet voters.

"The stakes are high. It's an important job for our county and I feel the money I've spent is well worth it," said Republican candidate A.G. Howell.

"I had to get out there and get myself known. I did that in the best way I possibly could," said Republican candidate Kathy Martin.

Whoever wins the Republican primary will take on current D.A. Pat Robinson, who's filling out the term and has watched the Republicans slug it out for months.

"It has been a contentious race and I feel bad for both sides it played out that way," said Wayne County District Attorney Pat Robinson.

Both Howell and Martin have spent time in the prosecutor's office in Wayne County.

Along with voters, they are looking forward to the end of this race once the final votes are in on Tuesday. Then the winner takes on Pat Robinson come fall.

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