Woman Allegedly Attacked Boyfriend with Box Cutter Because he Didn’t Get her a Birthday Present

WEST NEWTON BOROUGH, Pa. – A woman is accused of attacking her boyfriend with a box cutter because she didn’t get the birthday she was expecting.

A few hours after taking Georgia Michelle Zowacki out to dinner for her 55th birthday, her boyfriend said she became upset nobody bought her a card, cake or gift. He also said she had been drinking vodka throughout the day to celebrate.

“Next thing you know, I’m getting stabbed,” the boyfriend, David Rae, told KDKA.

Rae alleges Zowacki attacked him with a box cutter, putting it near his throat and threatening to kill him. “She went to my neck, she says, ‘I’m going to kill you,’” Rae explained. He said his girlfriend then slashed his arm with the weapon.

After cutting him, Rae told Westmoreland County Police Zowacki went into his bedroom and threw his TV set on the ground, broke his bed, tipped over his nightstand and threw other objects around the room.

“Destroyed my bedroom,” Rae said. “Destroyed it.”

The two had been living together at their West Newton home for about four months prior to the incident, according to the criminal complaint.

After the alleged attack, police said Zowacki left the residence on foot. When police arrived at the scene, she was on a nearby neighbor’s porch.

Zowacki spent the rest of her birthday in jail. She has been charged with aggravated assault, held on a $25,000 bond.

Meanwhile, Rae received several stitches. But he told KDKA, he feels lucky he didn’t end up dead.


  • J (@ds18301)

    This story is on about the level of idiocy as the mother/son story at Weiss. Not to mention the parade of child sexual assault stories etc in these pages — *all* by “good ol’ boys”. Those stories however are ignored or at most get a passing comment about the drinking water, but never garner the abject condemnation of an entire race of people, that the Weiss story, as an example received. Trash comes in all colors folks. Good people do too.

    • normal420

      When I was a kid in the sixties I was raised by my Grandfather who was an immigrant to this country . It was a different time, if you did not have a job and were considered a bum… I’m not sure when the breakdown of the family values ended in this country. Chances are if you commit a crime , I’m going to post a comment no matter what color you are or where your from… it’s not the people commenting , that impose justice, it’s the liberal judges… I say lock up the criminals , and make NEPA a safer place for all.

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