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One in Custody Following West Pittston Shooting

Gary Patrick

WEST PITTSTON, Pa. — A man is charged with assault and endangerment after police say he shot his daughter’s boyfriend.

Investigators say Gary Patrick, 69, of Exeter, shot Wayne Tilley before 10 p.m. Thursday outside Tilley’s home on Foundry Street in West Pittston.

Patrick’s wife told police they went to the home to check on their daughter and to take the daughter’s child, fearing both were being abused. When Tilley tried to stop them from taking the child, Patrick shot him.

Tilley was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery after the shooting.


  • drlucky666

    The only sad part about that whole situation is the fact that he didnt use a higher caliber handgun. Life goes full circle, and after personally seeing all the woman, men and children he abused , lives he ruined over the last 20years, ….that man is a bully and a coward….. then watching our justice system and police put him back on the street time and time again… it was only a matter of time until a bullet found him. It’s called karma. I praise that man for stepping up! he does deserve a go fund me page for legal fees! but once again, it will be spun into Wayne tilley being the victim, he will be back on the streets, and that poor man will be in jail for doing the world a favor. Anyone reading this should look up his criminal history, or even the news articles about this man on google and then you can judge for yourself….you will see were I’m coming from.

  • donny hud43987

    I stand by this man! A true protector! Proves he loves his family! And when the police don’t help you, your options are slim, no man hits on a woman! I believe he did the right thing! Allot of father’s wouldn’t!!!

  • normal420

    The man needs a go fund me page.. Sometimes you you are left with no choice but to pull out the grip.

  • Dick Goezinya

    The shooting “victim” and his father of the same name have 2 pages of criminal arrests and that’s only going back to 2009. Everything from felonies, to multiple assaults, multiple police chases, resisting arrest, drug charges, you name it and I know there was a lot more prior to 2009. This idiot has been a danger to society for 20 years and I’m glad someone finally stood up to him. I agree you can’t always take the law into your own hands but when your daughter and granddaughter are being abused by an absolute animal and the courts have failed you, sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I give the guy a lot of credit for doing what he knew needed to be done to protect his family.

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