Last Look at Iconic Martin Tower Before the Building Implodes Sunday

BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- On Sunday morning, the tallest building in the Lehigh Valley will come crumbling to the ground.

At 21 stories tall, Martin Tower used to be home to Bethlehem Steel. It has been vacant for 12 years.

All week, people have been stopping by to take pictures and fit in one last look.

"It's going to be sad not having this big looming figure here. I'm actually more emotional about it than I thought I would be," Lisa Arechiga said.

Efforts to save the building did not succeed.

Driving along Route 378, billboards even mark the passing of the landmark.

"This is the North Star as far as this region. If you're ever driving around here, you're like, 'okay, where the heck am I? Oh! There's Martin Tower. So I'm going this way,'" Mark Shively said.

While some people felt nostalgic about the demolition of Martin Tower, other people said they thought it was ugly and this demolition is a sign of new times to come.

"Never a fan of it, so it was a monstrosity to me. I'm happy to see it come down. To a lot of people this is a reminder of the failed steel and what happened to the area when they left," Bradley Slegel said.

People from out of town also wanted to get a glimpse of the building before it is gone.

Tom Romero is in the area for work. He is from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

"We all got our cameras out. We took a bunch of pictures. Talking to some of the local people they are filling us in on the story and the history of this building. It's really a neat place," Romero said.

Streets will be closed around the tower on Sunday morning.

People are already planning where they want to watch the implosion.

"We're scoping out spots to where we want to see it come down. I mean, I know it can't last forever but it's still a little sad knowing it's not going to be around anymore," Arechiga said.

Newswatch 16 will be live in Bethlehem on Sunday morning when the building is imploded at 7 a.m.

Join Andy Palumbo and Newswatch 16 Sunday morning for a live look at the end of Martin Tower.

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