Scranton Shooting Now Ruled a Homicide

SCRANTON, Pa. -- A shooting in Scranton now ruled a homicide.

The Lackawanna County Coroner confirms Parker Palermo's death was a homicide.

Scranton police say the 20-year old was killed and two others injured after a shooting early Sunday morning.

It happened outside an after-hours club in the former Castle Restaurant.

So far, no charges have been filed.

Investigators say more than one person may have been firing a gun.

They say a man who owns a security company, but wasn't working that night, fired shots.

In the meantime, members of city council and neighbors here are calling for that club, called Club Vibe to close.

They call it a nuisance bar.


  • normal420

    Investigators say more than 1 person may have been firing a gun… they came to this brilliant conclusion, due to many spent casings of different calibers located at different spots… They are bringing in Barney Fife for an expert opinion, stay tuned folks.

  • lucystoole

    Why won’t they police say who the shooter is? He offers security but wasn’t working security there? It seems soooooo shady.

  • Dirt Grub

    14% of the population is responsible for 53% of the murders in our country but we can’t mention this fact or we will be called racist

    • scrantonpothole

      Who cares, let them. We have to speak up. This country will be saved by people who are not afraid to be called racist, sexist, etc., etc.

    • darkhorse6669

      well 41 million people in the US face starvation because 1% of the population has 99% of the money and they do not care about anyone but themselves. but we cant bring that up or we will be called socialists.

  • Sue Phillips

    there is no good reason for an after hours club. Just a place for this kind of trouble.

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