Officers: Man Threw Dog Down Stairs

SCRANTON, Pa. -- A man is behind bars facing felony charges after police say his pet dog fell victim to his bad temper.

A woman called Scranton police on her husband for allegedly throwing and beating the family pet.

The dog is recovering from her injuries while her owner is now locked up facing a felony charge of animal cruelty.

Scranton police and one of the city's animal control officers were called to a home in west Scranton Wednesday night. A woman told officers her husband had taken his anger out on the family dog.

Brian Presto had a problem many dog owners experience. His dog Dutchess had gotten into the garbage and urinated inside the house.

But, how Presto reacted caused his wife to call Scranton police.

According to court papers, Presto picked up Dutchess and threw her down a flight of stairs at his home on Morris Avenue in Scranton. Then, Presto started beating her.

Scranton's animal control officer snapped a picture of the Chihuahua and Jack Russell terrier mix. Her eye was swollen shut. The dog was also bleeding from the mouth.

Scranton police filed felony animal cruelty charges against Presto who admitted to having an anger management problem.

Presto is locked up in the Lackawanna County prison and is due back in court sometime next week.

Animal control officers say Dutchess the dog is in protective custody but is being cared for by a vet and is expected to survive her injuries.


  • Bob Stevens

    I’d be in jail if I witnessed something like that, that POS would be dead for what he did to that poor dog.

  • yougottabekiddin1

    Hopefully, he gets convicted and ends up in a cell with a 6’8″ 355lb dog lover who takes a certain fondness to this POS and makes him his girlfriend! Wouldn’t this be karma. Then the guy can say “Karma’s a bitch…bitch”!!!

  • joleeann72

    Unfortunately she has passed away. I hope he rots in hell. She was a amazing dog who did not deserve this. They lived here in Florida with me and my husband who is his ex step dad for about 6 months. Like I said I hope he rots in hell

    • KingQuadDude

      She did not die . Not sure where your info is from . She is resting at the shelter right now

  • brattery

    Dutches is her actual name. She is an amazing dog and only acted out when something bothered her. This sorry POS better be blacklisted from owning another pet! She is one of the best pets I’ve ever encountered in my entire life!

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