Final Crossing of the Cows at Hillside Farms

KINGSTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The cows were crossed for the last time at the Lands at Hillside Farms in Luzerne County.

The herd of dairy cattle seemed to sense something was different Thursday morning. Rarely does a large crowd gather to watch them cross Hillside Road near Dallas.

"I'm surprised to see anybody here, actually," Hillside Farms Executive Director Chet Mazloom said. "It's a cow crossing."

Cathryn Dalla Verde of Rhode Island was in the area visiting family. She brought her kids for the occasion.

"We love being outside," Dalla Verde said. "We love farms. We actually come to HIllside quite a bit when we're here. They were really excited to find out that this was the last one and just a cool moment to be part of."

For many years, workers at the farm and educational center would lead the cows across Hillside Road twice a day so they can graze. Now, they will no longer have to cross.Hillside Farms just built a new barn for the cows on the same side of the road as the pasture.

"It's a really big deal to us because, in the end, we'll have much less work," Mazloom said. "We'll have a way safer operating farm and the cows will be more comfortable. The public will be safe. The staff will be safe."

The barn was built in honor of the founder of Hillside Farms, Dr. Doug Ayers. Dr. Ayers was a well-known member of the Luzerne County community. He passed away in 2017.

"We talked about this for a decade and he's not here to see it," Mazloom said. "In a way, him passing made it happen, because it resulted in a capital campaign. I think he would be thrilled with the barn. We did plan and design it together."

Now that the cows have crossed for their final time. The workers here at Hillside Farms say it will take them a little while to get used to their new home.


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