Barcarola Breaks District II AA Girl’s Pole Vault Record

It was her day!

Trina Barcarola from Western Wayne breaking the girls pole vault record at the District 2 AA Track and Field championships in Scranton.

She went onto win two more gold medals in the 100 and 300 hurdles, and her biggest fan her brother Johnny also competing and cheering her on.

"A little bit scary for me because I got on my 13-7 foot pole for the end, but I moved on my hand grip and got my confidence and had a really good jump on my last attempt>
so I'm settled and I'm OK with that and I broke the district record so I can't complain," said Trina.

"It's just one last meet with her and it's a great meet and a great day to jump great day to run. And I'm just happy that we are all healthy and able to run and jump," said Johnny.

Johnny won gold in the 400 and took silver in the long jump. Hugs from her baby sister made the day.

At a young age we we're always competitive with each other. We always wanted each other to beat each other, but we always wanted for us to do great things," again said Johnny.

"He is like my twin. We are 14 months apart but I have a connection with him, and when I see him I like just hug him. Whenever we are at a meet we just hug each other and it's like this connection that we have. We kind of look the same but I just love him love him to death," again said Trina.

A trip to the state meet is next weekend and you can bet the Barcarola's being there to win gold. Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports from Lackawanna County.

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