Wet Weather Worries Farmers

CANTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It's been a wet start to the week which is bad news for some farmers in our area. Farmers in Bradford County tell Newswatch 16 they're tired of all of the rain and are anxious for some sunshine.

Kim Seeley has more than 300 animals at his farm, which has been in his family since 1928.

"The weather has been difficult. Last year, especially, was such a wet, cold lack of sunshine year," Seeley said.

The wet weather combined with last summer's flooding has not been kind to many farmers in Bradford County. According to Seeley, extremely wet weather causes nutrient density problems in the plants the animals eat.

"A dry year will scare you to death, but a wet year will starve you to death. I understand now why our ancestors said that."

Joan Roy's family raises organic beef and dairy cows at their farm near Wellsboro.

"It is affecting the fields," Roy said. "We will soon be cutting the silage, but it's going to be hard because we took a tractor out into the field the other day and it sunk down in."

The farmers tell Newswatch 16 what they're hoping for is warm, dry weather.

"Right now, we would appreciate that, yes, hot dry weather," Roy said.

"Maybe June and July will be warm and sunny, but we just don't know. Time will tell on how that goes," Seeley said.

Seeley added that he and other farmers just have to roll with the punches and deal with what Mother Nature brings.

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  • George Lamprinos

    Just wait though – if we get a week in July without rain everyone will start saying “oh it’s so dry! We can use rain!” Funny how quickly everyone forgets how it rains every day for a month.

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