PennDOT Making Emergency Road Repairs in Susquehanna County

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- PennDOT is getting to work on rough roads and damaged bridges in Susquehanna County this construction season.

The sound of emergency bridge repairs is already making it clear: there's a lot of work to do across Susquehanna County.

The bridge over Snake Creek in Liberty Township was wrecked by floods last summer and now, it's one of more than $13 million in construction projects expected to take place before winter.

Glyn Kester has been delivering mail on these back roads for roughly 80 years and these conditions are the worst she's seen yet.

"It's very frustrating, it beats up my car. The post office doesn't pay for that, I pay for that," said Kester.

PennDOT has laid out its planned paving projects to help make certain roads from Hallstead to Hop Bottom better than they are now.

And Kester hopes to see results soon.

"I called them a couple weeks ago and they said they'd get to it, but there are things they haven't touched in over a year."

PennDOT has numerous projects set up for the 2019 construction season across Susquehanna County, including two emergency bridge repairs including one in Brooklyn Township.

"With the damage, that takes away from other projects in the county. We have to move funds around to get these emergency bridges done for the people," said PennDOT official Michael Taluto.

Ten days ago, state lawmakers rode around this area with PennDOT's secretary and confirm to Newswatch 16 they're asking for more money to make road repairs.

Folks who live here and drive here are on the same page.

"Yes, they need to do what they do with the money to fix these roads instead of spending on anything else," said resident Courtney Panetti.

Another meeting with PennDOT seeking extra state money for road repairs here in the northern tier is expected within the month.


  • roaddog81

    How do you prioritize emergency repairs when virtually every road is deteriorated to the point of being unsafe? How did this happen? (Don’t blame winter.. It’s been a lot longer than that.) I’m well aware the gas tax money for the roads have been skimmed on a statewide level and that’s horrible but where are the local state legislators in lobbying for the existing available funds? It’s not like safe roads are a luxury item .
    The local State Congress people covering Susquehanna County are:
    Jonathan Fritz
    Tina Pickett
    Lisa Baker
    Gene Yaw
    Maybe we can ask them as they are glad handing at the next chicken dinner.

    • Thomas La Mont

      Jonathan Fritz and Tina Pickett have been very vocal, as wells as Alan Hall and Doug McLinko. This shouldn’t be considered emergency road repairs because it was all from the flooding LAST YEAR and THE YEAR BEFORE THAT and should have been taken care of then. The State needs to quit neglecting the rural county roads while they throw their hissy fit over not getting severance tax. The exorbitant gasoline tax we pay should be enough to take care of these roads, heavy trucks or not. It shouldn’t take 25 state engineers and 25 million dollars on every bridge job in the county. Our reps have been doing their jobs but the lobby money make sure the gasoline tax goes elsewhere.

  • Elwood Williams

    The gas tax, meant for roads, was diverted and the Governor wants to be trusted with an extraction tax? Not if I can help it!

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