Finals Week at University of Scranton

SCRANTON, Pa. -- College students are getting ready to pack up and head out of town for the summer but there is one more task that needs to be completed first.

This looks like your average springtime morning at the University of Scranton, but it isn't. There is anxiety in the air. This is day one of finals week.

For Ian McIntosh, it is his final finals week. He is a graduating senior and takes with him fond memories of his college years in Scranton.

"The people all my classmates, just had a wonderful time here," said McIntosh.

He is a little nervous about finals, but confident in the fact this business major has a job already lined up at a commercial real estate firm close to home.

Even for the students at the University of Scranton who are not seniors, they already have their eye on the prize, looking forward to the day they get their diploma and go out into the world.

Doug Rochler is wrapping up his sophomore year. This accounting major already has a Plan A and a Plan B.

"I'm hoping that I have an internship in New York City. Haven't heard back yet but I'm looking forward to that. If not, I'm working on my pilot's license, so I have that for me," Rochler said.

As finals week begins, some students were getting in some last-minute studying inside one of the lounges at the U.

One of them is nursing student Emma Scott, about to enter her senior year, the last for this southeastern Pennsylvania young woman to be here in the northeast.

"It's kind of insane. I don't want it to be over yet. It's crazy," Scott said.

Finals at the U of S wrap up at the end of the week. Undergraduate commencement is set for May 26.

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