Film Crew Seen Shooting Project in Ashland, Surrounding Areas

ASHLAND, Pa. -- Rain or shine, May's Drive-In Restaurant in Ashland is always a happening place in that Schuylkill County community.

Over the weekend, it turned into much more than just a local spot to grab some food.

"All I know is that it's a mystery and it will be filming on Snapchat in October," May's Manager, Kristina Schreck said. "That's all they told us."

Borough officials tell Newswatch 16 a film crew with Bunim-Murray Productions was in the area on Sunday to shoot a piece focused on nearby Centralia and the coal region. The film crew also stopped at May's to shoot part of the project there.

According to its website, the Emmy Award-winning production company based in Glendale, California is considered a pioneer in the reality television genre, having produced popular shows like "The Real World," and, "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

"It was pretty cool," Schreck said. "Just to know that they wanted to film inside my family's restaurant, it was pretty cool and interesting."

For one employee at May's, it was just another Sunday on the job, until she was asked by the production crew to be involved in the shoot as a waitress.

"It was definitely different," Kaitlyn Trent, May's supervisor, said. "I didn't expect to come to work and end up being part of their show. They just kind of tagged me and said 'You're going to be part of our show now.'"

There is no word from Bunim-Murray on when the show or documentary will be released, but employees at May's add they were told it will be broadcast on Snapchat in the fall.


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