Steamtown National Historic Site Gets Global Attention as Bing ‘Image of the Day’

© Walter Bibikow/Danita Delimont

SCRANTON, Pa. — Each day,’s visitors are taken to new, often scenic location around the globe. Friday, Steamtown National Historic Site was that place.

According to Bing, “Users tell us how they escape to a far-off vista during their coffee break, and how their children look forward to sitting down each afternoon to learn about a new creature and its curious habitat.”

Bing’s homepage also offers a quiz.  Friday’s asks users, “Which is the name of this train-themed national historic site in Scranton, Pennsylvania?”

While incorrect, the answer that will bring a smile to many a face is Thomas’ Roundabout.

Scrolling down the page will provide the full story behind the “Image of the Day,” in this case Steamtown.

Bing is currently the second most popular search engine in the world, behind Google.

© Walter Bibikow/Danita Delimont

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