New Security Measures at Bloom U Graduation

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- The chairs are set up and crews are putting finishing touches on the stage at Redman Stadium at Bloomsburg University.

The class of 2019 is set to graduate Saturday. But this year, attendees must be aware of some security changes. There will be no backpacks or large items allowed inside.

"Such as a package, a diaper bag, umbrella, stroller, they're not allowed, large parcels that we can't see inside," Leo Sokoloski, director of Bloomsburg University's Police Department said.

After a bomb threat at December's graduation ceremony forced an evacuation and delays, new security procedures are now in place. In addition to that, fresh on everyone's minds is the recent standoff, early Friday right off campus.

"Making sure that we don't have that type of an event here on campus during commencement. so significantly it's in the front part of our minds, not the back part," Sokoloski said.

For security reasons, campus police can't reveal all the security precautions they're taking.

Students tell Newswatch 16 they are happy about the new security precautions.

"It makes me feel a lot more comfortable about everything, especially with what happened last night and with what happened at the winter ceremonies. It just makes me feel like they're taking more precautions," Caitlin Gentile said.

"Unfortunate that we have to take those type of precautions, but if it's going to make everybody safer, and it's a lot of people, and there's obviously a lot of area around here, so I think it's better to make everybody feel safe and more comfortable," Hannah Jaskuta said.

Graduation ceremonies are Saturday at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. at Bloomsburg University. Attendees can bring items in a clear one-gallon sized plastic bag.

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