Wilkes-Barre Teen Dies One Month After Stabbing

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- A stabbing investigation is now considered a case of homicide after the 17-year-old victim died.

Police say Tarese Previlon, 17, was stabbed last month by his uncle Milton Clark during a fight outside a home on Holland Street in Wilkes-Barre.

Balloons, candles, and a teddy bear are on the stoop of the home on Holland Street in Wilkes-Barre in memory of Tarese Previlon.

"I feel horrible and very sad for the family because the kid was only 17 years old, and there's no sense in it," said Jane Kramer.

Police were called to the home on April 23 and found the teenager had been stabbed in his stomach. He died about two weeks later after being released from the hospital.

Police say Previlon was stabbed by his uncle Milton Clark, 58.

William Smith, who lives a few houses down from the family, was shocked by the violence.

"He seemed to be a very upstandable and quite respectful young man. I've had him in my vehicle. I've given him and his mother rides to places and I really just can't believe that it all really boiled down and resulted in this."

According to court papers, the stabbing happened after Clark was caught watching Previlon's mother bathing. She called for her son's help and he got stabbed.

That night, police arrested Clark about a half a mile away from the home. They say he had a knife with blood still on it.

Smith tells us he also would see Clark in the neighborhood from time to time.

"I interact with him every day walking up and down the street. He speaks. He's cordial. He seemed to be a nice person. I don't even understand how this has gotten to the level where we're at right now and that young man lost his life," Smith said.

The Wilkes-Barre police chief says homicide charges are pending against Clark as they complete their investigation.

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