Pike County Man Arrested in Texas for Hauling Drugs from California

CARSON COUNTY, Tx. -- A big drug bust landed a man from Pike County behind bars in Texas.

Authorities say Paul Hernandez was hauling drugs from California back to Milford.

Investigators found 171 pounds of marijuana and 44 pounds of wax that comes from pot when they stopped Hernandez Sunday.

Those drugs are worth more than $1 million on the street.

Hernandez is locked up in Carson County, Texas.



  • Mopar Driver (@RustyMopars)

    Nothing like free advertising for his employer ( in Dingmans Ferry PA ) and what should be the confiscation of their $70,000 truck and possibly business and personal property as I doubt this was just the employees doing.

  • mickmars

    So. Let’s legalize weed in 1/3 of the states, but keep it illegal in all the rest. What could possibly go wrong within this scenario???

    • fortisveritas

      So. It’s legal for someone to carry concealed in PA with the proper background checks and permit, but let’s make it a felony in neighboring states. What could possibly go wrong with this scenario?

      • Bob Stevens

        You are both correct… carry permits are an infringement, all guns laws are unconstitutional. Arms are anything used in ones defense. Shall not be infringed means nothing against, nothing to undermine, ect… Permits limit use to certain areas in certain ways, costs limit by economic class.
        The war on drugs, making weed illegal at the federal level at least is unconstitutional. Federal gov doesn’t have those powers allotted to them by the constitution. They needed to make a constitutional amendment like they did with alcohol, which we all know failed also.
        Less government, more freedom!

      • fortisveritas

        Well then, let’s compromise. Cheech and Chong can smoke themselves into oblivion anywhere they want, and myself and hundreds of thousands of other lawful gun owners can carry anywhere we want. Trouble is – we both know this won’t happen.

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