Three Friends Celebrate 100+ Birthdays

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- Three friends celebrated their 100 and something birthdays together in Williamsport on Tuesday.

Williamsport native Rosemary Carey has reason to celebrate. She's turning 102 years old.

"It's a nice celebration."

The party inside The Williamsport Home isn't just for Rosemary. The retirement community in the city is celebrating three special birthdays.

Rosemary's roommate Dorothy Bingaman recently turned 104, and this Mother's Day, Emma Quimbly from Trout Run will be 105.

"105 years old. That's too darn old," Emma said.

With over 300 years of life experience combined, we thought these ladies may have some advice to share.

"Be healthy," Rosemary advised.

As for how they made it to this monumental day?

"It was up to the man upstairs," Rosemary added.

"I guess I was supposed to," Emma said.

"No secret, just living the best that you can each day," Dorothy said.

While these ladies don't feel like they did anything special to make it to 100 and something, they all seem happy to be here together to celebrate their birthdays.

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