Special Education Field Day

LEWIS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Instead of spending the day inside a classroom, more than 300 students got to play outside near Turbotville. It was the sixth annual Special Education Field Day at Warrior Run High School.

"We give them tents to stay under and then we give them games to do. They have helpers with each group and they go around to different stations and play different games," Grace Rous said.

Special Education Field Day was started six years ago by members of the Warrior Run High School National Honors Society and has grown ever since. There were students from 14 different school districts there.

"Right now, we're blowing bubbles. I'm using this hand thing and you shake it to make the bubbles," Mallory Frye said.

The students played more than two dozen different games.

"It's doing kickball, javelin throw, bowling ball, and all kinds," Dominick Rosario said.

"Playing soccer is my favorite part. I like to run, and it gives me energy, and I like to run every day," Rachel Huff said.

"It's a great reward for them at the end of the school year. They really love it. I know a lot of them to look forward to it," Rous said.

Students tell Newswatch 16 the event makes them feel special because it's all about them.

After lunch, the kids all had lunch and an awards ceremony.

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