Church Trying to Collect 1 Million Diapers

DICKSON CITY, Pa. -- A church in northeastern Pennsylvania is trying to collect 1 million diapers.

Parker Hill Church is hosting the million diaper challenge to collect diapers for food pantries and organizations across the region for families that can't afford to buy them.

"Poorer families can wind up spending up to 14% of their income on diapers so knowing that we thought it would be a great way to bless our community and to try to meet a need that exists," said Pastor Mark Stunzi.

The church started the initiative back in 2017 and was able to collect over 400,000 diapers.

This year the goal is more than double that.

People can drop off diapers at any of the churches locations in Clarks Summit, Dickson City and Wilkes-Barre.

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