Alleged Lycoming County Rapist Out on Bail

MUNCY VALLEY, Pa. -- 69-year-old John Irwin is out on bail after being accused of raping young children in his care in both Sullivan and Lycoming counties.

Neighbors were stunned that Irwin was not behind bars.

"This is why we have no faith in the, in the judicial system anymore. This is a prime example of why. The judicial system with all the locks and stuff does not work," said a neighbor.

Court papers show that the abuse started in early 2014 and state police began investigating Irwin in 2017.

Both victims told investigators the abuse began when they were six and lasted for more than two years.

Irwin also showed them pornographic images on his phone.

"Why was not child protective services brought in to get these kids out of the situation, that is the thing that hurts the most. Nobody is protecting these poor children," said a neighbor.

Court papers show that Irwin would touch one of his victims at a garage where church services were held in Lycoming County.

According to court papers, Irwin touched the victim during services so nobody would notice including Irwin's wife who was sitting next to them. Irwin told the victim it was okay and kids her age were doing it.

Court records show Irwin faces more than 100 felony charges.

He was released without having to post $100,000 bail.

"Rape under 13, child pornography on his phone and sending pictures. Why is the bail set so low?"

Irwin's next court appearance is scheduled for later this month.


  • fortisveritas

    How nice of WNEP to show pictures of his home so the witch-burners can pay him a visit. Innocent until proven guilty doesn’t just apply to Judge Cavanaugh folks. 🇺🇸

    • Rick Felix

      i take it trump is not your president because or the Cavanaugh statement maybe he should have been rapping your daughters but then again with your comment that would have been okay i guess you should not let your fingers work before your mind is in gear

      • fortisveritas

        Mr. Donald J. Trump is my President. I didn’t know that the accused Mr. Irwin was a rapper too. Kind of old to be into that kind of music if you ask me. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go read something educational because I had to drop some IQ points to decipher your dog pile of a comment.

  • Rusty Knyffe

    Let me get this straight. “…police began investigating Irwin in 2017..”????? Two years, and this POS continued his perversions and destroying the lives of children? Two years? TWO?? Contemplate how much damage can be done to a kid in that amount of time…… Absolutely NO excuse for that kind of delay. This wasn’t a drug dealer. This is an alleged kiddie diddler that ruined the lives of children in the most heinous manners imaginable.

  • Lance Blinent

    I don’t know but here is my speculation. Maybe he has got health problems to where if they put him in a county jail until trial his medical bills will be paid for by the county tax payers. I am not defending this decision just speculating.

    • Rusty Knyffe

      That the man hasn’t had to post bail, at all, is an affront to humanity and society. He isn’t behind bars because he’d be allegedly disappeared within hours. Just beyond my ability to comprehend how this thing – THING – wasn’t stopped sooner. Shame on those agency reps that accept taxpayer dollars to protect children and did nothing to earn their salaries. Shame on them all.

    • lickerblisters

      Lance, if the old pedo pervert does have health issues, they certainly didn’t interfere with his pedophile lifestyle did they? LOCK HIM UP, I’ll pay the damn bill!

      • Lance Blinent

        What if he didn’t have insurance? If you read my post I said I’m am just “speculating” and I didn’t agree with the no money bail decision. Blame it on the judge that set the unsecured bail.

  • whopperplopper

    that liberal POS judge should be brought under emergency review by the bar association

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