Senior Citizen Charged with Sexually Assaulting Two Minors

SHREWSBURY TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Dozens of child sex charges after police say two girls were assaulted by a senior citizen in Lycoming County.

69 year old John Irwin of Muncy Valley is accused of sexually assaulting two girls starting in 2017.

Both girls were under the age of eight at the time.

Court papers say at one point Irwin inappropriately touched one of the little girls during church.

Irwin is free on bail tonight.



  • Rusty Knyffe

    First, I have to wonder if Irwin has been previously charged/convicted of a similar crime. Second, I also have to wonder why parents believe that letting their children spend time with ANYONE without direct supervision is okay.

    I’m not suggesting that what Irwin did is excusable or that the parents are, in some way, culpable. The point is that parents/guardians should never, EVER allow their children to be unsupervised, even into teen years – parents should be a true and formidable presence in their children’s lives. This is a very different world with internet and cell phones. A very dodgy social morass to negotiate for kids, these days.

    • Rusty Knyffe

      After reading a more complete report on what this man did, it is my hope that he will rot in prison. What a horrible excuse for a human being.

    • gutterratt

      I agree with everything you said, however, pervs such as these have been around since the dawn of time. In ancient times, most people were in a level of darkness where no one gave it much thought; in more modern times it was hush-hush how horrible to believe/speak of such things..etc..

  • lickerblisters

    Yup, these old pos can’t cook, clean or take care of themselves but they can molest children with no problems. He’s probably been collecting disability checks for the last 30 years too!

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