PennDOT Worker Charged with Stealing Handicap Placard to Park Illegally

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- State police are investigating after they say a PennDOT worker stole handicap placard.

Officials have charged Ryan Robinson, a Harrisburg PennDOT worker with stealing a handicap placard to park in spots illegally, according to WPMT.

Troopers say seven other PennDOT workers were illegally using placards as well.

A recent report found that the workers in Dauphin County were using placards for themselves and giving them to family and friends.

According to PennDOT, the department closely tracks how those disability placards are issued. When discrepancies popped up, supervisors called state police.

One PennDOT employee, who did not want to be identified, called the thefts stupid.

"Everything that is done you have to log into the computer using your username, your password and everything that's processed, it will literally say your name."

Ryan Robinson faces theft charges. PennDOT officials say those seven other PennDOT workers will be charged with illegally using the placards.


  • normal420

    Aw, give the guy a break, he only gets a two hour lunch. Subway sandwiches gets busy from noon till 2pm.

  • fortisveritas

    Theft – because walking those extra steps are so hard to do. And it’s worth getting those stares when an able-bodied person is loading 50 pound bags of dog food in their vehicle, parked in a HP spot.

  • roaddog81

    Q. What’s emptier than the endless vacuous void of deep space?
    A. A Penndot aerobics class.

  • Lisa Shiplett

    Our bridges in PA are in need of extensive repairs and PENNDOT can’t seem to find the $$$ to make them safe and usable because they’re so busy blowing our tax $$$ on some unneeded and quite confusing and dangerous obstacle course by creating some kind of “brain-fart” whimsey. So….what happens when the round-abouts fall into disrepair and then PENNDOT lacks those funds since someone came up with a new “brain-fart” that top’s this year’s crazy waste of time & money?????

    • yabbadabbadude

      Just like their politician buddies that got them their jobs. Don’t believe me? Apply there without ‘knowing anyone’…

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