Nearly 100 People Out of Work as Plant Near Pottsville Closes its Doors

NORWEGIAN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Nearly 100 people will be out of a job in the coming months. Officials with the Advansix plant near Pottsville just announced they will be closing their facility.

The plant opened in 2016 making nylon films for food packaging. The plant employs 85 people. However, in July those employees will be forced to find work elsewhere.

"We are in a depressed area the way it is. Losing 85 jobs doesn't help. It's an unfortunate situation," Brian Donlen of Branchdale said.

Officials with Advansix said all of the people who are going to be out of work because of this closure are going to be getting help from the company to find a new job.

"Dedicated employees should get a boost from the company. It's just a shame they are going to lose their jobs," Donlen said.

Serena Folk works at a nearby plant making vinyl. She believes workers at Advansix should be able to find other jobs in the area.

"I think there's always room for opportunity. Hopefully we get a lot more people in the manpower industry and hopefully we can build from there," Folk said.

The closure of the plant comes at a time when the unemployment rate in the commonwealth is at its lowest since 1969, just under four percent.

"Hopefully that means that businesses are hiring and they're looking to get people back into the workforce and hopefully these people, God bless them, bounce back and find a job," Cody Blankenhorn of Pottsville said.

While Advansix is closing its doors here, Honeywell Films in an adjacent building will remain open.


  • beekeeper

    The plant makes nylon films for food packaging. Why is the focus always on the lost jobs, and not on the question of where we’ll get this most essential nylon films for food packaging? I mean, it is essential, right? That’s why these people had jobs in the first place, right … providing something we need?

  • DC Ump

    Wait a little longer they are going to open up the coal mines again President Trump told us he would take care of us!

  • Joe Justjoe (@ForjoeJustjoe)

    Union County is hiring. Plus WNEP’s article about it pretty much said you can say “screw you!” if anyone tries to pay you less than $15/hr in Union County. I know what I would do. People of Pottsville…let’s goooooo! :-)

  • Rich Wickizer

    Couldn’t be the minimum wage increase putting them out of business could it?

    After all you can’t just give those that earn less almost $5/hr more and expect those already making more to not expect a raise themselves. I full expect more jobs to go away due to this. But hey the wonderful news is Wolfe and crew can just raise taxes and fees to pay for the jobless.

    • beekeeper

      $7.25 now and they’re talking about $12.00. I can’t fathom how anyone can possibly live on $12 an hour.

  • yougottabekiddin1

    AdvanSix was part of the Honeywell facility until it was “Split-off” in 1996. It is on Honeywell property. It was built in 1988 or 1989 as an addition to the then Allied-Signal (later to become Honeywell) facility. Allied-Signal bought Honeywell and then used the Honeywell name for the entire facility. Many of the people are long time Allied Signal (now Honeywell) employees. Some 30+ years. This is from a Allied-Signal retiree! Over 250+ people employed there in the day. Now maybe 100 will remain at the Honeywell facility still left. Schuylkill County is loosing more good jobs! Not many left in this dying PA county!

  • straubdavid9

    There’s another article on this page stating “Workers in Demand in Central Pennsylvania. If you want to work ….. there is work. I’m retired and am still receiving notices of job offerings. Good luck to those that have found themselves in a not so good situation. It seems that as fast as jobs become available, that people are seeing places close. That place opened in 2016 for goodness sake? What the heck happened?

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