Marijuana-derived CBD Oil Helps Teen who has Cerebral Palsy

DUBOISTOWN, Pa. — A young man from Lycoming County is seeing some improvements in his health thanks to CBD oil, a product derived from marijuana.

We first introduced you to Andrew Kriebel in 2013. He can’t talk or walk on his own. He has diabetes, cerebral palsy, and has suffered from seizures since he was just 1 year old.

His family is still finding ways to give their son the best life possible. Recently, that’s included trying CBD, or cannabidiol, an active ingredient found in marijuana.

Andrew Kriebel’s parents were told their son would never talk or walk well on his own, but that has not stopped this family from Duboistown from trying.

We first met Andrew six years ago. With help from his nurse and school aide, Andrew walked two miles to his school where his parents were waiting at the finish line.

“Very emotional,” said Andrew’s mom Amy Kriebel. “I stood at the bottom of the hill there taking pictures and I was crying my eyes out. I couldn’t believe I was seeing my son walking to school.”

Now 18, Andrew isn’t able to walk as well as he once did. Although he does get plenty of practice inside his playhouse where a floor covered in mats will cushion his fall.

“He tends to tighten up with his cerebral palsy. The main thing is to keep him moving, keep him mobile, and he will walk but not like he did six years ago,” said Andrew’s dad Dean Kriebel.

The family has seen some improvements. Thanks in part to CBD, Andrew has had fewer seizures.

“The grand mal seizures, he would turn blue. His heart would race,” said Amy.

“It is a liquid CBD cannabinoid that we squirt in his mouth twice a day,” Dean explained. “With this and the combination of the other drugs, his life and our lives have drastically improved for the better.”

The improvements mean more time to spend with Andrew’s younger sister Lacey.

“Now that Andrew is not seizure-free, but better, we are able to attend all of her events. We do not miss anything, and he goes with us,” Amy said.

The family takes it one step at a time and hopes to continue treating Andrew’s seizures with CBD oil.


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    • Sue Phillips

      The story never mentioned medical marijuana. They did say that CBD is derived from marijuana. I didn’t see any inaccuracies there. What is your point?

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