Empower Event for NEPA Women

PLAINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- About 600 women from all different backgrounds, with different jobs and experiences gathered at Mohegan Sun Pocono near Wilkes-Barre for the 5th annual NEPA Women's Leadership Conference.

"Every industry is represented here you have everything from your emerging professionals to your top-tier executives and it's just so empowering," said Mari Potis of the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce.

"It is such a confidence builder. It's an educational forum. It's awesome just to network in the way that we do here," said speaker Sue Unvarsky, COO of Prudential Retirement.

The conference is a place for women in business to meet, listen, learn and even shop in a special marketplace.

"It's an amazing group of women. There are so many people here, but to have everybody from like the local community come out and support small businesses and you know leaders in the community and speakers. I think it's amazing," said Heather Percival of South Abington Township, who along with her business partner owns Township Trading Company.

Women said, for them, the conference is all about giving and getting support.

"It's just nice to see the number of women who are here and are supported by their businesses also and are trying to support businesses," said Renee Lutz of Barnes and Noble.

"It's great to help one another out to network together and support each other's businesses for sure," said Lisa Burke of Township Trading Company.

The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce works with other chambers to put on the event.

WNEP is a media sponsor.


  • fortisveritas

    Were these all ‘real’ women, or just people that identified as being a woman so they could go to the conference?

    • JC

      Stupid comment. And who cares? These are well-educated women with entrepreneurial skills. I’m sure in order to get where they are, they’ve managed to avoid the type of ignorance people like you exhibit.

      • fortisveritas

        I think it’s a fair comment and a fair question. And I think a lot of people care. Have you noticed how men that identify as women have been dominating female sports? Same thing here – it’s not fair for real women to have men posing as or thinking they are women at a conference specifically designed to recognize – women. You call it a stupid comment. I say it’s stupid that the subject even exists but this is the world that some are trying to push on us a being normal. Which it isn’t.

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