Students Learn About the Medical Field

GEISINGER MEDICAL CENTER -- When many of us think of hospital jobs, doctors and nurses come to mind, but it takes more than that to run a hospital, as students from Shikellamy High School learned on Tuesday.

"This facility offers so much that it's such an amazing tour and opportunity for them to view it today and see what's available," Michele Erdman said.

Freshman and sophomores from Shikellamy High School toured Geisinger Medical Center near Danville to learn about career opportunities.

"HVAC, electrical, things like that. We also had environmental services, which I didn't even think about. Disinfecting a room, getting it ready for the next patient to come in," Erdman said.

The students learned how Geisinger uses 3D printers to make replicas of organs and they toured the food services area. Freshman Kurtis Raker's favorite part was seeing the Life Flight helicopter. Kurtis wants to be an electrical or diesel mechanic.

"I liked when we were up at the launch pad for the helicopters, the mechanical thing for it. That really interested me," Raker said.

The students here have all expressed interest in similar career paths and most of them plan on going to vo-tech.

Many of the jobs do not require a college degree.

"They can come with experience from tech or learn on-the-job training and most of the departments talked about you start entry-level and you can work your way up," Erdman said.

"Just going around and seeing what's around, seeing what opportunities we can get is helping us out a lot," Raker said.

The students also learned about possible part-time work opportunities at Geisinger once they turn 16.

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