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Farewell to the Falls Trail in Carbon County

GLEN ONOKO, Pa -- They laced up their hiking boots and hit the trail near Jim Thorpe one final time.

People from across the Keystone State, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and beyond showed up at Glen Onoko Falls Trail Tuesday, the last day the trail is legally open.

"I'm here today because it's the final day you can get on the trail, basically. One last chance to soak it all in before they, you know, close up shop," said Jeff Minnich of Palmerton.

Many have hiked the trail before, taking in the scenic waterfall views.

For others, it was their first and last trip here.

"I'm like 'you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna go up here, I'll AirBNB somewhere."It's supposed to be a really beautiful hike and I want to get it in while I still can and without the 200 fine because that would make the trip a lot more expensive," said Steve Katz of New Jersey.

State officials are closing the Glen Onoko Falls Trail on May 1, 2019.

They said there have been at least 10 fatalities on the challenging trail, serious injuries, falls and drownings nearby, putting too much pressure on emergency responders.

According to the Game Commission, it would cost more than $1.5 million to make the trail safer and more accessible.

An online petition to keep the trail open was not successful.

"I'm all for the first responders and that they have to do. I mean I can't imagine getting myself out even with a sprained ankle, let alone someone with a more serious injury so I can feel for them, I understand it," said Ennio Magnarelli of Delaware County.

"It's difficult but it's gorgeous, just knowing your limits and I'm really sad that they're closing it because people do stupid stuff and I get that, but there are other people who come and they enjoy it and are safe. It's the most amazing trail out there, honestly," said Alicia Weigel of Allentown.

State officials say if you're on this trail after Wednesday, May 1, you are trespassing and face the possibility of a steep fine.


  • albertcohol

    Anything to do with taxpayers $$ always costs more.

    standard procedure.

    According to the Game Commission, it would cost more than $1.5 million to make the trail safer and more accessible.

  • norman vincent

    So now that it’s been in the media for the last few months you will have people going out to find the trail.

  • straubdavid9

    Well it’s difficult to get someone injured from anywhere in the woods across the whole country …. so lets just make it illegal to be anywhere off the road. We can just all stay in our homes, huddled in a corner in a fetal position …. that should fix it.

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