Stevens Says: No One Wants My Stuff

A few years ago it seemed like a good idea: gather up that which is popular, put it safely aside then sell it at a tidy profit in the years ahead. NOT! Didn’t work and it seems likely it ever will. Folks appear to be losing their interest in things that are old.

This came to mind as we here at the Ranch began the unenviable task of clearing out stuff, trying to simplify life, make it less cluttered. We polled various family members about certain pieces and the answers began coming back in the negative. “We don’t want any of it”, “I can give you some of mine,” “Even if I wanted it, I have no room for it”. So, in the end we are faced with only a few options.

We could hold a garage sale which takes a lot of time and work and we might make enough to go out for a big meal at a burger joint and whatever didn’t sell would still be ours. Everything can always be put back from whence it came as in attic or basement; no advantage to that for family has already told us we’d best not leave everything behind for them to clean up. In the end we will probably give our incredibly valuable, outstanding collection of stuff to a charitable group that will resale at pennies on the dollar.

We, on the other hand, will sleep easier knowing that the decades old accumulation of stuff is here no more, that it has gone to someone who can use it. If anyone should ask if it might be worth reserving for resale in a half century I will say don’t no matter how good the idea seems at the time. Have a good day Dear Viewer.

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