McGovern Drafted By Cowboys, As Community Comes Out To Celebrate

The sign says it all: "Good luck to Connor McGovern." People started arriving here at the Broadway Tavern around 6:30 PM Friday, all in support of Connor McGovern, the former Lake-Lehman guard and center and player at Penn State. He waited almost three and a half hours through round 2 and into round 3, and at that 90th pick, he got a phone call from the Dallas Cowboys. Connor took that call and realized his dream of playing in the NFL and this place cheered him on.

"Nerves are going the entire time," McGovern said. "Kept seeing guys go. Just knew that I had to stay calm constantly on the phone with me agents and saying 'Don't worry. Don't worry. It's gonna happen. It's gonna happen.' The phone started ringing. It said Dallas, Texas. Answered it. Jerry Jones. This is crazy. Just look at it right now there are still more on this side. It's unbelievable everyone showing up, it's crazy."

"It's an incredible proud moment," McGovern's mother, Maureen said. "Very happy. They came out of nowhere. He had interviewed with them and they liked him, but they surprised us tonight and they are a great organization and we are thrilled."

"It still hasn't hit me yet," Connor added. "It's still a surreal feeling. I've been thinking about this since I was five years old. It still hasn't hit me, but it's going to be an emotional night."

"It was absolutely agonizing," Connor's father, Jim said. "There we're a couple of picks that went right before him that we're rated below him so and teams that he had visited and top 30 visits. So, we were really we we're on pins and needles there for a while. We weren't really talking much. We didn't want to give it away that we we're a little nervous so we we're texting each other and it worked out."

"I'm so excited," Connor said. "I'm glad that they gave me a chance and I can't wait to get down there."

So Connor doesn't have to wait anymore. He is a Dallas Cowboy. Congratulations to Connor and his family. He will head to Dallas and have that media event very soon.

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