Wet Weather Cancels Carnival, but Show Goes on at Drive-in Theater

LEHIGHTON, Pa. -- A line of strong storms rolled through Friday afternoon, prompting tornado watches for a time in a number of communities.

Rain was pouring down and windshield wipers were moving as fast as they could at a gas station in Lehighton. Drivers say roads were slick, and the wet weather dampened their day.

"My reaction was it's nothing out of the normal. We've been getting hammered with the rain, and it seems like it's never letting go," said PJ Salerno of Lehighton.

The Lehighton community carnival started Thursday night, and it was supposed to continue into this weekend, but rain, thunder, and lightning canceled the second day of the carnival.

"It rains out every year. This year is nothing new. A lot of the kids were planning on going to this today, a lot of my friends, and we're not going now," said Zackary Klotz of Lehighton.

It's also opening weekend at the Mahoning Drive-in, and workers hope all the bad weather doesn't hurt their bottom line.

"It's always scary when it rains. We're totally a slave to the weather here, but it might rain this weekend. It probably won't rain the next weekend, and we'll be fortunate after this to have good weather after this, I'm sure," said JT Mills, Mahoning Drive-in Theater.

A tornado watch was issued earlier in the day for Carbon County. It was canceled around 5 p.m. The threat of severe weather didn't stop "Wizard of Oz" fans from coming to the drive-in.

"Getting a tornado warning on the way up to see 'Wizard of Oz' is pretty magical, one of those things nature just kind of brings upon us," Virgil Cardamone of Horsham.

With an inch and a quarter of rain falling on Friday, it sounds more like squishing our heels than clicking our heels. Some people near Lehighton are wishing this wet weather would go away.

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