Talkback 16: Gas Tax Money, More Talkback

Topics in this edition of Talkback 16 include gas tax money going to state police, mismatched outfits, and a request for more Talkback 16.

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  • Bill Maria Young

    I am curious as to why people complain about “having to watch The View”. Or the ones who say it should be taken off the air. Who exactly, is making you watch that show? Do you not have a remote? Do you not have the ability to change channels, or turn off the TV and use your legs? Everyone has the freedom to like one show over another. Be thankful you have the choice and freedom to do so, and maybe, have a little respect that everyone is entitled to have an opposite opinion. By the way, ABC, I am still miffed that you canceled “The Chew”…………..Maria

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