‘Axe Women Loggers of Maine’ Stars of Loggers Expo in Bloomsburg

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- The Loggers Plus Expo is taking over the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds this weekend.

Thousands of people are expected to head to the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds this weekend for the expo that showcases the forestry industry, now in its third year.

One highlight of the event is in the back corner of the fairgrounds. There is a lot of girl power.

The Axe Women Loggers of Maine are exactly what they sound like -- ax and logging experts.

"We all compete professionally, and when we're not competing, we will come to different fairs, festivals, expos," said member Alissa Wetherbee.

The Axe Women are based in Bar Harbor, Maine. There is a rotation of more than a dozen women who have been doing this show for eight years.

"I was best at the underhand chop, which is where you stand on the log and you chop between your feet, and I was really good at the crosscut, which is a long saw and two people, one on each end," said member Andrea Robarge.

This year the Axe Women Loggers brought their talents to the Loggers Plus Expo and attracted a large crowd.

"This is really interesting. It looks really fun," said Burt Dana.

"This is pretty interesting. You definitely don't see it every day," Logan Hegedty added.

"Everything we're doing was actually a job that someone had, like chopping down a tree," Wetherbee explained.

Wetherbee and Robarge make ax throwing look really easy.

The expo continues on Saturday.

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