Taxpayers React to Gas Tax Money Meant for Road Repair Used to Fund State Police

LACKAWANNA COUNTY, Pa. -- As gas prices continue to climb across the country, here in Pennsylvania we feel additional pain at the pump with Pennsylvanians paying the highest gas taxes in the nation, according to AAA.

But it's all worth it since that tax goes to pay for shoring up our state's roads and bridges.

“There's a lot of them that are really bad, it's ridiculous,” said Robyn Morris from Simpson.

However, State Auditor General Eugene DePasquale says that just isn't the case.

An audit on PennDOT found that $4.25 billion meant for PennDOT projects were used to pay for state police since 2012.

“That's wrong, that's definitely wrong because I'm tearing my car up with these potholes,” said Paul from Scranton. “And these bridges are crumbling apart, it don't make no sense for this to be going on.”

The audit showed that more than 2,800 state bridges are structurally deficient and that more than four billion could have cut that list in half.

DePasquale believes the gas tax isn't going as far as it should fix state roads and bridges.

“I just personally believe that the roads need more care, the public, they can get injured on the roads, state police are involved in that aren't they?” said Trevor Morris from Simpson.

“I actually worked at PennDOT last summer and I know that a lot of the bridges, the pipe ways, a lot of its way too dangerous for the normal person just to be driving on,” said Brett Seidita from Moscow.

People Newswatch 16 spoke to say hearing that $4 billion of any tax money went to pay for something other than they thought it was, make them question how any of their tax dollars are being spent.

“Where's the rest of my money going? Because we really don't know,” said Trevor.

“Our money should be going where it's supposed to be going, you know?” said Robyn.

The auditor general says Harrisburg did put a cap on the amount of money going to state police but the gas tax is meant for road repairs, not police funding.


  • ron (@doowopron)

    Yea we know where the $$ going–All of wolfs donors–unions Teacher’e Unions -Pay increases . We are the 5th most CORRUPT State in the union Striving to be #1–I didn’t vote for this Phony–if you want change you HAVE TO VOTE !! complacency gets you what’s going on now ! not only are we #5— out of all of the Governors we have one with the lovely designation of #8 as worst Gov in the State !!!! So if you are wondering–look no further !–VOTE !! it’s the only way !!

    • Greg Lykens (@honda907)

      Vote??? I’ve been voting since 1980. This year I am going to stop. I am also going to move to a different state that is not a commonwealth. Voting does nothing to alleviate this tyrannical government,but slow it down, but it doesn’t change. I’ve given up hope, and will start in my new community in SC when my house is complete and just work locally, since that is about all I can control.

  • Wayne Rough

    keep reflecting the same politicians that make this possible——-they love their record setting retirement fund as well as their inflated yearly paychecks

  • roaddog81

    Great reporting Peggy Lee. and 16. It elevates reporting to journalism. There’s not near enough of it. Keep it up..

  • Chuck Winschuh

    The EXTRA gas tax was sold to us taxpayer by the Corbett Admin. as SPECIFICALLY to fix the roads. If any of it is being diverted that is wrong. ALL our representatives in Harrisburg should be asked to explain this.

  • mickmars

    If we eliminated all of the bloat and waste at the Capitol in Harrisburg, (say 3/4’s of the worthless legislators and their staffs just for starters), we’d probably be able to repave every mile of road in the state in solid gold. Why do we need more legislators than any other state except maybe California?

  • fortisveritas

    And yet still no vigils in Bloomsburg, Lewisburg, Williamsport, or Wilkes-Barre for the victims and survivors of the Sri Lanka attacks.

    • yabbadabbadude

      That’s because they’re Christians, not the left’s pet muslims. Just think – all of those locals that showed up for Christchurch vigils are our ‘friends and neighbors’. This country is in serious trouble.


    what a surprise, a Democrat run state taxing you beyond belief. then not using the money as intended.


      p.s. penndot sucks at their job and the p.s.p. are just as useless, never around to uphold vehicle and traffic laws, you can tell by the amount of speeders and erratic drivers, and truck accidents in the state

    • J (@ds18301)

      In your haste to hate you got it wrong. Read the article — the practice started in 2012. Wolf’s auditors uncovered this (Corbett) practice that was in place before his term. Good work Governor Wolf!

  • John Graber

    Speaking of PSP, whatever happened to the case of a lady dispatcher working at the Blooming Grove barracks was assaulted by a certain state trooper there? Was filed in Lackawanna County court and seems to have vanished. Maybe some of our gas tax went to hushing up that ordeal?????

  • ethskinns

    Good ol’ Wolfie strikes again! Can’t wait for him to go so someone can clean up the messes he’s made

    • J (@ds18301)

      In your haste to hate you got it wrong. Read the article — the practice started in 2012. Wolf’s auditors uncovered this (Corbett) practice that was in place before his term. Good work Governor Wolf!

  • Giggity-MF-goo

    This is no surprise, the PSP maybe so, but our money not going to the roads is something we all painfully knew.

    • savescrantonhistory

      Even the money that is going to PennDOT to “fix” the roads sees the projects take longer and cost more than they ever should. Every time I’m in a construction zone in PA you see the usual sight of two guys actually working and 8-10 of them shooting the breeze wasting taxpayer money. Meanwhile NY state replaced not one but TWO bridges along the 81 corridor heading to and from Syracuse within three years because they actually worked at trying to get it done. Not so in Taxsylvania where people know once they get a government job they’re set to cruise to retirement doing the bare minimum.

      • savescrantonhistory

        I know. It just amuses me that so many cushy contracts get rubber stamped with outrageous raises that the people paying for them (taxpayers) would LOVE to get from their own bosses.

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