Flock of Flamingo Fun in Taylor

TAYLOR, Pa. -- What started as a simple lawn ornament in one part of Lackawanna County, has now turned into a flock of flamingos.

Travel through Taylor in Lackawanna County and a rather pink yard will catch your eye.

A flock of nearly four dozen pink flamingos resides on the 100 block of South Keyser Avenue.

"It all started when I got one or two and kind of became a hit, and I got more and more of them and eventually started decorating them, and now it's an even bigger hit," said owner Austin Hurley.

This is a main road, traveled by thousands each day, and the flamingos have become a bright spot for those who pass by.

Hurley has received dozens of letters, gifts, and notes from people, all thankful for the festive pink flamingos.

"One lady had cancer, and she would go to chemo treatments up at Allied and as she would drive by, she would smile and she would say it makes me forget for a minute why I'm driving on Keyser Avenue, to begin with," Hurley said.

"It makes you feel really good inside, that they appreciate what they're doing to make everybody happy," said neighbor Art Mayer.

Hurley says the flock likes to be festive, that includes celebrating every holiday, and that's something the neighbors around here look forward to.

The popularity of the flamingos has grown online, too, on the flock's Facebook page, Flamingos on Keyser.

"I have friends that are just waiting for the next holiday just to see what they're going to be dressed up as."

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