Celebrating Earth Day at Bloomsburg University

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- Earth Day is officially celebrated on April 22, but one university in our area marked its own celebration on Wednesday.

"This is our chance as a campus community to celebrate Earth Day because it's every day we got to take care of our environment," said junior Emel Rasim.

Students flocked to Bloomsburg University's quad to celebrate Mother Nature. The day is entirely organized by students from the event planning class led by Professor Paula Hopeck.

"It's all them," said Hopeck. "I just kind of coordinate things and direct, but I mean all of the ideas, that's all them. They came up with the idea for the slogan and the t-shirt, so it's a great way to see their work be put on display on campus."

With hours of hard work already put in, organizers say this year's forecast could not be better for their event.

"The weather is perfect. I'm so happy it didn't rain. I know last year it was rainy and freezing. It's beautiful today. It is a little bit windy, but we'll take that over the rain any day," said senior Jodecie Hook.

At Bloomsburg's Earth Day celebration, there was plenty for students to do, including planting their own plants.

"There's like the free dessert dirt available, and it's free which is kind of a big thing," said Rasim.

There are a lot of crafts and a lot of things to do with the specific organizations on campus.

While the sunshine and festivities brought students out to enjoy the day, students said it's important to remember why they gathered in the first place.

"Saving the planet, you know, trying to reduce that carbon footprint that everyone puts out, so I think everyone just wants to be a lot more involved and cares about the earth in general," said senior Brian Williams.

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