Pavement Problems with PennDOT Pilot Program

MOUNT PLEASANT TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- One year after PennDOT touted its use of recycled asphalt to pave rural roads, the agency now says the process failed.

Folks in part of Wayne County were excited to see much-needed paving done last year, but this year the story is much different. The state road is still awaiting a smooth layer for drivers.

Newswatch 16 was on Egypt Road in Mount Pleasant Township one year ago after PennDOT kicked off its construction season, hoping recycled asphalt would be a success, but instead the job needs to be done again.

Egypt Road outside Honesdale has cracked and crumbling road patches of disappearing pavement just one year after PennDOT rolled out what it calls a pilot program here.

"We thought, 'great!' All of a sudden, we heard someone changed the formula and it's not working and everything stopped. This road has been like this and is just one big pothole," said neighbor Gerard Carden.

Neighbors heard rumblings that the recycled asphalt didn't work. PennDOT confirms the mixture did not work the way officials planned.

"A few days into that, we started noticing oil coming up in the road. The inspector was not pleased with what was happening out there. We decided to stop that," said PennDOT official James May.

PennDOT officials, including the secretary, were at the Wayne County Fairground last year with piles of recycled asphalt touting that pilot program and paving project on Egypt Road. Now, one year later, that job has to be redone, repaved at a cost to taxpayers.

"When it doesn't go the way you hope, then that's disappointing. We were able to catch it early enough in the process," said May.

PennDOT did not share just how much money may have been tied into the recycled asphalt program here but the upcoming paving project on Egypt Road is expected to cost $400,000.

Drivers in Wayne County are not surprised this didn't work out.

"Doesn't seem any of the roads are getting fixed the way they should be," said Casey Milk.

"Now there's nothing. The road is as bad as it was before, if not worse," Carden said.

According to PennDOT, crews will still be able to use recycled asphalt, just with a different mixture and mostly for road shoulder repairs.

There is no word when exactly this season Egypt Road will be repaved with traditional asphalt but PennDOT has started its construction season with roughly 100 miles of road repairs in Wayne County alone.



    penndot = useless, they all belong in prison for the criminal way the roads are maintained. Where the hell is all that gas tax?????? obviously NOT going to road upkeep

  • roaddog81

    PA courtesy of our legislature now has the highest gasoline tax in the country using the excuse that it would be used to improve the roads. It’s obvious to anyone who drives in the State that that was a lie. Your only remedy is to vote out your own representatives. It doesn’t matter what party or if he’s a nice guy. It’s the only way to have a responsive government. The more the better.

  • Wayne Rough

    route 11 berwick to bloomsburg penn dot paved 12 miles a few years ago that began breaking up in 2 years time—now a few years after that they never even kept their promise to patch this mess———-in the private sector these people would be fired and sued

  • whopperplopper

    in the late 80’s early 90’s Rt 80 was paved from the Rt 115 exit to the Rt 940 exit west & east.
    that was a pilot program too.
    ground up recycled tires were mixed into the asphalt. i alway thought it held up well.

  • nasca1856

    Unless this is the first time this process was used then PennDot should have known from prior experience that it wouldn’t work. More than likely it was in the budget and they had to use up the worthless product.

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